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The KRYPTOVILLABlockchain Projects

A unique twist in real estate ventures, merging physical assets and smart contract. People will not feel any hesitation and fear to invest, to be able to buy a crypto currency and at the same time owning a land property while holding a token.

Decentralized Finance (DEFI)

It carries several benefits, including the involvement of smart contracts and distributed systems using Binance Smart Chain. Through Decentralized Finance, everyone will be given the opportunity to have their own land property without having to spend a large amount of money. Allows you to start at a very minimal investment to own a physical asset and take profit from it.

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Real Estate and Tourism

With the growth of the economy in many countries especially in the field of real estates, infrastructures, and tourism, various large developers continue to thrive in property development and many start-up developers have also emerged to dive into this industry. Because it is one of the basic human needs, one must invest in land and build their own shelters for their lives, families and future.

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Agriculture and Forestry

Today, people want to know exactly where their food comes from. A desire to eat healthy combined with the widespread adoption of technology across all domains has resulted in agribusinesses searching for supply chain management software to improve food safety, food quality, and the traceability of the entire farming supply chain.

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EARTHRIUM ($ERT) Multi Venture Token

EARTHRIUM ($ERT) is a BSC (BEP20) token created to empower real estate ventures and property developments. Under this token is Kryptovilla Terravali, Metafarm, Treevo, and many more upcoming unique projects locally and internationally. Through this unique idea, a large community from the founding team, sufficient fundings, and brilliant minds of the creators, this token will surely fly to unbelievable value.

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Token Distribution

A fair distribution should ensure that: a reasonable amount of people hold the token (that number proportionally increasing with the market cap of the project) the biggest holders do not have possession of too large a majority of tokens. there are no large price discrepancies to acquire the tokens.

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A large community from the founding team, sufficient funding, and brilliant minds of the creators, this token will surely fly to unbelievable value.

Contract Address: 0x155cfEa8a4b4d1dC15922071effB198d15b08773

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